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  • anne à remporté le I'm Not Dead Yet! badge.
    You should try bring humans back to life now that you have brought this discussion back from the dead.
    9 décembre 2021 (09:46)
  • anne à remporté le Final Anniversary badge.
    You have reached your final form. OK, not really, but you are still awesome in my book!
    11 juin 2021 (16:58)
  • anne à remporté le We Have Touchdown badge.
    Today is the anniversary of the first human moon-walk. Celebrate!
    20 juillet 2020 (08:37)
  • anne à remporté le Fifth Anniversary badge.
    Five years ago, you created your account. Thanks for sticking around!
    11 juin 2020 (12:26)
  • anne à remporté le Fourth Anniversary badge.
    You might have graduated from college considering how long you have been here.
    14 juin 2019 (14:57)
  • anne à remporté le Third Anniversary badge.
    That's three years you have been here!
    4 juillet 2018 (12:29)
  • anne à remporté le Second Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    10 juin 2017 (18:32)
  • anne a remporté le First Anniversary badge.
    Has it been a year already?
    20 juin 2016 (14:50)
  • anne a remporté le First Post badge.
    You are in there and getting involved. Have some free points!
    8 janvier 2016 (10:46)
  • anne a remporté le Welcome Committee badge.
    Thanks for posting on a new member's first discussion. I know you made them feel at home.
    8 janvier 2016 (10:45)
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    You are at the lowest level. Build up your points to unlock new features!
    8 janvier 2016 (10:45)